Multicultural Policy

Company approach to multiculturalism embraces our shared values and cultural traditions and recognises that our character gives all Australians a competitive edge in an increasingly globalised world.

The approach articulates the rights and responsibilities that are fundamental to living in Australia and supports the rights of all to celebrate, practise and maintain their cultural traditions within it's community free from discrimination.

Our policy aims to:

  • Strengthen social cohesion through promoting belonging, respecting diversity and fostering engagement with Australian values, identity and citizenship, within the framework of Australian law.
  • Company confirms that racism and discrimination affects people’s health and wellbeing and denies people fair access to opportunities and services. We oppose all forms of racism, discrimination, intolerance and prejudices.
  • Company respects the rights and cultures of all the people of Australia.

In our dealings we will:

  • Develop trust and cooperation with those whose cultural interests extend into lands and or Traditional Owner Country where Company operates or plans to operate.
  • Respect heritage by protecting sites of cultural significance.
  • Ensure that its employees and contractors are aware of their obligations in regard to the protection of cultural heritage in all its activities.
  • Endeavour to recognise and promote opportunities in its activities for people for maintenance of their culture and traditions and economic independence by providing training, employment and investment opportunities where opportunities arise.

We make the above commitment with the expectation of the full support and cooperation of all personnel and or stakeholders.