EEO, Discrimination, Harassment, Vertical Violence & Bullying Policy

Company supports the concept of equal opportunity in employment and is committed to complying with both the letter and the spirit of the relevant legislation through non-discriminatory employment and management practices and policies.

Company believes all employees should be treated with respect and fairness and that natural justice will be afforded to all employees of the company.

Company is committed to providing a safe working environment, which is free of discrimination, harassment, vertical violence and bullying for all employees, contractors and associates and will encourage good working relationships between employees.

Values and respects the diversity of its workforce and believes that diversity creates competitive advantage and maximises the talent, potential and contribution of all employees.


The purpose of this policy statement is to:

  • Provide information to all employees, contractors and associates of the company in relation to their rights and responsibilities concerning harassment, Vertical Violence, bullying and/or discrimination in the workplace.
  • Ensure employees are treated fairly on the basis of merit and not on the basis of such irrelevant personal characteristics as their age, sex, race or disability.
  • Provide a comprehensive procedure for dealing with complaints of harassment, Vertical Violence, bullying and/or discrimination if they occur.